– Who is an Adult?

How do we define who is recognized as an Adult, and why?

See my 6 criteria, in English or French, and share your thoughts on adulthood

-let your voice be heard.

or, if Network23 is down,


-ShiraD. Universal Date: 9 October, 12014 HE

3 thoughts on “– Who is an Adult?

  1. These ‘Commandments’ are part of how I personally define Adulthood:
    “My personal 10 Commandments

    I still prefer this as my own form of the Ten Utterances (especially since the Rabbis tell us that each person heard something slightly different…)

    I. I am what I am becoming. Thou shalt have no blind followers among thee. I am a jealous defender of the conscience, pusuing mercilessly unto the 10th generation of those who will not learn from history. Thou art the keeper of thine own conscience. Thou shalt follow the calling of thine heart.

    II. Thou shalt be of utmost honesty to thyself.
    III. Thou shalt be autonomous and guard zealously thine independence, for only as a free and thinking intelligence may thou be of service.
    IV. Thou shalt take charge of thine own learning for as long as thou drawest breath.
    V. Thou shalt feeed thy curiosity meticulously, neither too little nor too slowly, but faster is ok.
    VI. Thou shalt ever be vigilant to take the initiative in all thy dealings in the world.
    VII. Thou shalt ever be careful to honor all people’s expertise and experience, to ensure full and true equality and egalitarianism in all thy ways, ever honoring the wisdom of elders whilst deferring to and honoring the experiences and expertise of others. You are the keeper of your conscience.
    VIII. Maintain open-mindedness/reflection/questioning/exploring
    IX. Have respect for yourself and others.
    X. Guard your self-sacrifice, nobility, and sense of honor.

    from http://shirad.livejournal.com/157575.html?thread=160391#t160391 as I reflect upon where I myself have come from…
    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: Marvin Gaye Merci, Merci Me/Mother Mother ‘What’s Going On?’
    Tags: strategy, personal goals and observations, ic, bath, health, economic justice

    Today’s ‘normal’ date is: Wed November 19, 2014
    Today’s U.N. Date is: Sunday, November 19, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era

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  2. From

    These are posted on my personal blog, but I keep my Community Cooperation posts more to my MEOW (Moral Equivalent of War) Blog at MEOWdate on Dreamwidth.org, as an attempt to be less personal. This set of

    Pre-Requisites: http://meowdate.dreamwidth.org/6177.html goes with the

    Adulthood Rite of Passage I suggested some years ago:

    Today’s ‘normal’ date is: Thur, November 20, 2014
    Today’s U.N. Date is: Monday, November 20, 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

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