One possible version of the Great Flood… fr. CFoF Book 2: Reposo

Waves lapped at her breasts, the cold water raising goose bumps on her clammy chilled flesh. The matron shivered, lifting her head, drawing a deep breath from her belly, and pushing the words out with her diaphragm:

“Soon and very soon

we are going to see the King”

the others joined in, linking arms,

“Soon and very soon

we are going to see the King”

“what are they doing singing?!” tears stung her face as Naamah bellowed

get them in here, son! Now! Drag them by their idiotic hair if you have to, but get them in this boat! What do they think they are doing?! They …”

Her words were drowned out by the woman´s next call,

“No more crying!”

the others, lifting their voices above the waves, responded

No more crying there

we are going to see the king”

Naamah lunged at the railing, one foot already hooked over the side, as her sons dragged her by each arm, the third linking his hands around her struggling waist, dragging her back inside as Reposo slammed the door, lowering the massive bar, enclosing them all in darkness, muffling the cries outside the arc.

At last, when she her breath returned,

over the stench of the animals,

“They told me, but I could not stop them. Demanding an audience.”


“An audience with the One who decreed this flood. Protesting the lack of input in his decision.”

“What a hell of a way to protest. They aren’t gong to get very far.”


UN Date: Sunday, October 1. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

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