How (NOT) to Write a Practice Novel, CFoF, Book 1: Beginnings; Draft #6

This is where it gets hairy -as in splitting hairs.  After Draft #5, I read up on How to Write a Novel, and discovered that one should have only One Hero(ine), not two or more, per novel.  So, along with changes in the pov and scene divisions, all made on paper to a hardcopy of Draft #5, as I like to spread all the chapters out and see them lined up pages all-together (not yet possible on a pc), I began books 1 and 1.5, along with shuffling chapter 0 out to Book 2: Reposo.  Nevertheless, for some reason, here is a 6th draft of Book1, which incorporates more cute furry animal displays, more sarcastic replies, and much less philosophy than I would have liked, but I bowed to popular pressure:

Draft # 6 which was in Progress:  Drft6startedCreatorFriendorFoeBook1Beginnings

ShiraDest, TYS Date: 26.9.12014 H.E.


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