– Just validating my life

Listing previous LJ posts here in order to preserve some witness of my life, as I will not have children to remember me, for good or for bad.

Hope that my life contributes to Community Cooperation


MEOW Date: 8.8 12014 H.E.

3 thoughts on “– Just validating my life

  1. Will be on The MEOW Blog: http://network23.org/communitycoop/
    The Girl, a

    hybrid from the poorest district in India, begins and ends very

    well. In between, she tells us how intergenerational

    committment to shared ideals outweighs, but is affected by,

    historical differences. Opposing communities use open

    communication (telephathy helps force the issue), positive

    action, and common ideals to confront oppression.

    While there are areas where the writing is a bit confusing, the

    ideas ring true, and the reader is drawn into a conflict where a

    young woman must find herself, and lead others in the fight.

    A refreshing turnabout. I look forward to reading the sequel.
    Gregorian Date: Sunday, 7 September, 2012
    MEOW Date : Thursday, 7 September,

    12014 H.E. (Holocene Era, aka Human Era)

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  2. Same-sex marriage is about community committment/Matrimonio Gay es por dedicado Communitario

    I had an interesting discission on the bus today with a gentleman who began opposing same-sex marriage on the grounds that the human race would end, and parted promising to continue the dialogue, and admitting to seeing another point of view. I began by pointing out that since statistically only 10percent of men and 5 percent of women prefer same-sex partners, the human race is not about to end if we refuse to reprosuce. I then compared prohibitting gay marriage to prohibitting mixed race marriages, with which he strongly disagreed. I rebutted with the point that both interracial and gay marriages were prohibbited on moral and biblical grounds, and that the importance in both cases, human rights aside, is that marriage is about committment in the context of community. All marriages strengthen community by allowing the community to support the couple and encouraging the couple to commit their contributions and energy to the community. This gives both the community and the couple a vested interest and a stake in the success of the other. Interestingly enough he responded that people need to talk more about these things openly, which is exactly what my friends had said in spanish as we discussed the immigration law reform, at the bus stop! :-). God talking to me in stereo again Tammy!!
    Hablabamos del matrimonio como medio de dar fuerzas ala comunidad atravez de apoyar ala pareja con la meta de ayudarles en dedicarse a la comunidad. Tb dejimos que hay que hablar abiertamente de esas cosas todos para llegar a un acuerdo comunitario

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